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New system where a player can take on a quest, where they begin with a standard deck of actions and equipment. Player traverses a map, where they can fight and earn new cards and equipment. Shops, random encounters and boss fights will be part of the quest. The goal is to make it through as many stages as possible, without losing a fight. This is considered a black-box challenge, where your current progression with your character does not impact/matter. This is a challenge where all players are on the same level.Basic starting deck to startBasic equipment to startPlayer can choose a path to traverse on the mapFights will have multiple enemies withinWinning fights rewards player with a random choice of equipment and cards they can pick from to add to their current deck/equipment. Relics can also be earned this way, though they are more rare.Shops can be visited to buy cards and equipment or to sell itemsEach stage ends with a boss fight, upon winning allows player to move to next stageTraversing the map requires willpower. Running out of willpower will harm your character until you can gain more back. Shops allow you to replenish willpower and also completing a stage will refresh a portion of your willpower.Losing a battle (vigor falls to 0) or running out of willpower and suffering enough damage to reduce your vigor to 0, will cause your quest run to be over. You will start over.A special type of territory map will display who is the furthest in their quests, providing daily rewards to that player. Multiple territories will eventually be opened.

Claude Wild 27 days ago